Dog Urine stains if left un-treated can become permanent and leave yellow smelly spots that are unsightly and embarrassing.

Dogs are well know for creating stains.

Dog Urine Stains

Everyone loves to come home to their dog. They are professional greeters which can make their owners glad they are home. However, when your dog creeps low over the ground with their tails tucked it is immediately obvious that something is wrong. Dogs do not understand exactly how their mess can ruin carpet and furniture by staining them.

Carpet and furniture that have been soiled by dogs having accidents inside requires professional cleaners for proper dog stain removal. Even homes in which a dog hasn't had an accident can benefit from a routine cleaning from the oils and fur left behind. Over time, the accumulated wear and tear will show in stains and discoloration.

Routine cleaning by professional cleaners can keep carpet and furniture looking new and pet owners happy too. Whether the job is for unexpected dog stain removal or scheduled upkeep, DFW Steam Cleaning has the tools and expertise to help with pet mess. Even though a good dog still feels bad after an accident, hiring our technicians to take care of the stain will ensure the owners won't.